Taxi Journey from Lexis Numerique fuels up on Kickstarter

Lexis Numerique’s Taxi Journey, an adventure that takes equal parts inspiration from Tim Burton, Hiyao Miyazaki and Limbo, is officially accepting cab fare on Kickstarter. Lexis Numerique seeks $130,000 for development of a Windows and Wii U version of the game, while Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, PS Vita, PSN and XBLA versions are tied to higher stretch goals. The fundraising campaign will conclude on October 12.Taxi Journey tells the story of Gino, a cab driver so broke his cab doesn’t have a passenger seat or engine, and Zoey, a “mysterious young girl.” The two strangers meet in a dark forest, and from there begin their (wait for it) taxi journey across the strange world.Lexis Numerique wants players to care for protagonists Gino and Zoey, even if there is a certain amount of crate pushing and puzzle solving to be done. Gino also possesses an umbrella sturdy enough to shield himself and Zoey from rocks, as well as a fishing pole that can catch reflections. Zoey, meanwhile, has the ability to carry immaterial things, like energy and sound. The Kickstarter video, for example, shows Gino fishing out a light’s reflection to sneak by a giant fox-like creature.Yeah no, that totally sounds like the last time we caught a cab. Show full PR textLEXIS NUMERIQUE UNVEILS GAMEPLAY DETAILS FOR ITS UPCOMING CHARMER “TAXI JOURNEY”Climb Onboard for the NEW Kickstarter Campaign!Champs-sur-Marne, France – September 12, 2013Lexis Numérique, one of Europe’s leading independent video game studios, today unveils the very first gameplay video and exclusive new artwork of their upcoming title, Taxi Journey.Announced in July 2013, the Kickstarter campaign for Taxi Journey begins today with plenty of fanfare. In less than 2 months, Taxi Journey, an original puzzle/adventure game set in a universe that combines charm, humor and mystery, has gained more than 17,000 Facebook fans! Taxi Journey takes inspiration from games such as Limbo and Machinarium with influences from film directors such as Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki, combined wit深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛h a unique universe and original gameplay features.Gino, a taxi driver, is a man of few words.and he is broke. He can only afford a car with no engine or passenger seat. Therefore, he carries his customers on his back and pedals his car.As a result of an encounter with Zoe, a mysterious young girl, he ends up journeying to strange, faraway lands; together, they’ll face unique situations and meet amazing characters. Some are friendly, while others hide an evil seed inside… They could be in the villages you’ll pass by, in the overcrowded towns that you’ll visit, and even in the deserts you will cross — there will be some encounters you will never forget…Djamil Kemal, Marketing & Business Development Director, explains the idea behind Taxi Journey: “We love adventure games, we love platformers and we want to do something truly unique. We believe there is room for a side-scroller that focuses on the story, on the characters and connects to players on emotion level”.The fundraising page on is here: Djamil Kemal, the Kickstarter campaign is not only about the money. “We’ve been developing a very strong relationship with the community and we want this to go on during the whole production. In addition to classic rewards (the game itself, artbook, print frames etc.), we want to offer the community a unique chance to give their feedback and have a real impact on the game at every key moment of the production (pre-production, alpha, beta, etc.). For us, Kickstarter has also become a social platform that connects the developers with our fans.

WRUP: Grand Theft Auto V does exist edition

So, Grand Theft Auto V. It’s a thing. You can ride bikes and shoot at people, you can cause mayhem, there’s criminal stuff going on. I guess that’s a thing? I mean, the gameplay is more refined than ever, but I’ve been pulling people out of cars and then driving those cars on the sidewalk since back in 2001. People love it and I don’t know how to muster much more than shrugging acknowledgement. Maybe Saints Row IV spoiled me on the promise of mayhem without a dubstep gun and superpowers, I don’t know.Statistically speaking, you are probably playing Grand Theft Auto V right now, so you probably don’t care what I have to say. That’s fine; WRUP is about the entire staff of Massively and what we’re playing for the weekend. Check it out past the break, and let us know what you’ll be up to down in the comments. @Beau_Hindman: I’m not sure what I will be moving on to for Rise and Shiny, but it will likely be something weird. I’m really struggling to find an MMO that is not only fresh but workable; so many indies and other games have trouble even running half of the time. I know I’m going to be playing around in Steam, especially with Memoria and some shooters that were dirt cheap.@nyphur: I’ll be digging through all the recently revealed information on EVE Online’s upcoming Rubicon expansion and possibly making some evil plans in preparation. I’m pretty excited for the new deployable structures, and the warp acceleration fix will finally make small ships awesome for warp guerilla-style warfare.@Eliot_Lefebvre: I’ve been pretty boringly predictable for the past few weeks, but I still haven’t gotten nearly enough of Final Fantasy XIV. I got lucky and scored two Ifrit weapons for my tank classes, so I suppose I should really knuckle down and start filling out my Darklight sets before going back to leveling Arcanist.@irljasmine: This weekend is all about crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve hit level 50 on my Scholar which means it’s time to grab my rusty needle and start weaving. Just a heads up to our readers, the class title is sort of misleading. Right now I’m a level 16 Wea深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛ver and I have yet to craft a single weave.@Sypster: I wish I had stunningly awesome plans, but right now, I don’t. I might putter around in Neverwinter a bit with my honey badger Dwight, but chances are I’ll be splitting my time between Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars 2, and The Secret World. EverQuest II is tempting me as of late, but do I really need another fantasy MMO on my plate?@MikedotFoster: I just purchased Guild Wars 2, so I’ll be playing Guild Wars 2. I may also tag in on some Dota 2, but time gets so precious once football season starts.@MJ_Guthrie: Seeing as this is my first weekend in a long while that I really have time to game, I am going to make the most of it! I will be spending plenty of time in The Secret World clearing the Filth from Agartha and collecting as much event currency as I can (bee pants! pet!). Of course, with so many friends in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, I’ll be spending a chunk of time there working up a second class as well as some weaving and botany skills. And then there are the Massively Minions in EverQuest II — the guild needs status and the lair needs decorations! And hopefully I will squeeze in some time to enjoy more of the anniversary events in Aion so I can get enough feathers to get the wings on all my characters, even my baby Asmo.Eating is optional. So is sleep. This weekend will be fun! Who’s with me?@mackeypb: I’ll probably be playing League of Legends! Big surprise there. I’m playing a lot more ranked games, and I’m doing really well thus far. It’s actually sort of impressive that I have seen mostly polite people (at least, not caustic people) in ranked matches, which is a pretty new experience. I’m also playing Smashmuck Champions, which is fun, and I’m doing my usual gathering/selling in Age of Wushu. Pretty normal stuff for me this week. It’s good to finally have my gaming PC back!@RichieProcopio: It’s more Guild Wars 2 for me this weekend. I need four more Super Adventure Box achievements to satisfy the meta-achievement and get my yellow backpack, so it looks like more 8-bit jumping awaits me. I’ll also be playing Skylanders Giants with my kids as they ramp up their excitement for Swap Force, which is coming out soon.At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, “What are you playing this week?” (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we’re up to in and out of game — and catch us in the comments to let us know what you’re playing, too!

Switched On: More wedge, less edge, no hedge

Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology.Casting aside such permutations as the DSi and the DSi XL, it makes ordinal sense for the Nintendo 3DS to have followed the Nintendo DS. This is true even if the “3” was for the number of dimensions and not necessarily generations (in which case it might have been named the DS 3). But it seems a bit puzzling on the face of it to come out with a product called the 2DS after the 3DS. Changing the sub-brand immediately calls the notion of compatibility into question even if one can see why Nintendo wouldn’t want to include “3D” in a product that doesn’t display it. (At least it’s not being called “the new 3DS.”)And that’s but one of the confusing things about the 2DS, in which the strongest champion of hand-held gaming hardware has eliminated the signature feature of its latest portable console generation as well as the clamshell design with which the DS series has been identified since its debut a decade ago. The result is a makeover of the portable 3D handheld that is a bit less portable and a lot less 3D. At least for many parents, the 2DS has a few advantages over such products.Given that, a more accurate description of the 2DS would be a “make-under” of the 3DS designed to hit the lower price point of $129. Introducing a lower-end product at a cheaper price rarely requires any justification beyond making the product more attractive to less-affluent consumers, which the 2DS will do even as it misses that “magic” $99 price point. Nintendo did offer a further justification, though, bringing the starting point of the product’s recommended age range down a year or two. As a result, the product’s form factor — a thin wedge — sacrifices some portability for ease of access and durability (even though the screens are now exposed, as with modern smartphones and tablets).The stronger resemblance to those slabs may have competitive undertones. Nintendo has exhibited a Disney-like capability to keep its character stable fresh. However, a glut of inexpensive Android tablets such as the ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 and Hisense Sero 7 Pro, as well as the more educationally high-minded (and bilingual) OLPC XO Tablet, stand to cu深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛t off kids’ early exposure to Nintendo’s franchises. Other competitors that are tempting weary parents include hand-me-down or borrowed smartphones. Regardless of screen size or operating system, though, you won’t find Nintendo games on these devices, and so it’s imperative for Nintendo to get a device in front of kids to establish recognition in the company’s native medium. No amount of merchandise or cartoons can really substitute for that.The 2DS is a chip off the old (hinged) block.At least for many parents, the 2DS has a few advantages over such products. There’s no (explicit) advertising and little risk of stalking or access to inappropriate materials. Without 3D, though, the 2DS must rely on a different sort of depth in its gameplay to ultimately win over parents. That may be a hard sell when a free copy of Candy Crush Saga is a click away.A longtime supporter of 3D, styli, resistive screens and dual screens, Nintendo hasn’t just made odd combinations of technologies work; it has also made the hand-held gaming market itself work. The 2DS is a chip off the old (hinged) block. It will help keep Nintendo’s world exposed to younger consumers, but will struggle to distract consumer attention from cheap and powerful convergent devices in the larger, budget-conscious mobile gaming market. Ross Rubin is principal analyst at Reticle Research, a research and advisory firm focusing on consumer technology adoption. He shares commentary at Techspressive and on Twitter at @rossrubin.

U-Verse live TV streaming comes to iPhone

live U-Verse TV streaming to mobile devices: it just updated the service’s iPhone app several days earlier than promised. As on the iPad, U-Verse subscribers with iPhones can now watch up to 108 live channels while at home, and as many as 25 when they’re away. They also get improved remote controls, new parental tools and a fresher-looking interface. Viewers can grab the iPhone app through the App Store today. There’s no surprise upgrade for Android users, however; they’ll just have to wait until October 21st. Show full PR textAT&T U-verse Launches More Than 100 Live Channels on Smartphone and TabletCustomers Can Now Watch Live TV with ‘TV Everywhere’ In and Outside the HomeDallas, Texas, October 07, 2013Watch your favorite TV shows outside. Keep the kids entertained while you wait for a doctor’s appointment. Follow along with your favorite cooking show on your tablet in the kitchen. With AT&T* U-verse®, you can enjoy live TV at home or on the go at no extra cost.Today AT&T launched more than 100 live channels on the U-verse App for smartphone and tablet, with more than 20 channels available to watch outside the home. The new channels are available to U-verse TV customers as part of their U-family or higher U-verse TV package. AT&T will be adding more live channels and expanding the live channels to more devices on an ongoing basis.”By making live TV content available across devices we’re enabling our customers to watch TV on their terms when and where they want 深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛it,” said Mel Coker, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Home Solutions. “U-verse has always been about delivering a TV experience built around our customers, and this enhancement gives them even more flexibility and control.”The full lineup of live TV content for the U-verse App is available here.In addition to live channels, the U-verse App also offers customers several great features at no extra cost like:- Thousands of on demand TV shows and movies.- Extra content and information about the TV show you’re watching, including episode synopsis, photos, cast and crew information, related TV shows and more.- A full-featured U-verse remote control with channel guide.- Ability to control your DVR remotely.- Advanced search functionality to help you find the content you want.

Around Azeroth: Punching ghosts

You guys are completely overreacting. Sure, I might have gotten a little too drunk up at the Tian Monastery class reunion and said something about how honoring your ancestors is an absurd and outdated tradition that had no place in a modern technological society. And I may have suggested that we hire a couple paladins to do some Exorcisms and Consecrate the ground. But you k深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛now I didn’t mean it like that! You’re my family! Uncle Ben, don’t you want to comment about how I’ve gained weight? Grandma, want to discuss my unreasonable standards for the men I date? Just put down your fists and you can criticize me into a deep depression, just like old times! (Thanks to submitter Pandachicken of Fake Wings on Blackrock [US-H] for the screenshot!) Gallery: Around Azeroth 3 | 796 Photos 796 +792 Want to see your own screenshot here? Send it to We strongly prefer full-sized pictures with no UI or names showing. Include “Azeroth” in the subject line to ensure your submission dodges email spam filters; if you’d like to be credited, also include your name, guild and realm.

Know Your Lore: Delenda est Orgrimmar

The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You’re playing the game, you’re fighting the bosses, you know the how — but do you know the why? Each week, Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney make sure you Know Your Lore by covering the history of the story behind World of Warcraft.An analysis of the aftermath of the Siege of Orgrimmar by SI:7 operative – contains top secret information about the aftermath of the Siege, including details on the new warchief – read only if you are cleared to know these detailsJaina Proudmoore was right.The greatest threat to the people of Azeroth, the greatest obstacle to peace, the greatest impediment to a unified world capable of defeating the Burning Legion is the Horde. The original core of the Horde, the orcs of Draenor, have proved time and again that all they respect is military force and that they prefer to live by theft and conquest rather than trade or diplomacy – whether it be their sacking and burning of Stormwind at the end of the First War, their defeat at Blackrock Mountain at the end of the Second, or their uprising and flight that led to their arrival on Kalimdor, the orcs have always and will always choose conquest and war to achieve their aims. Leaving any and all morality out of the question, it’s simply foolish to allow the Horde to continue to exist.Does King Varian Wrynn think Sylvanas Windrunner cares at all about the defeat of Hellscream? Why would she? Why should she? In defeating Garrosh and his Kor’kron, Varian has done her a favor – he’s removed the only oversight capable of detecting and halting her more genocidal plans. This is a ruler who has repeatedly displayed that she is able and willing to dump plague on living populations – the writhing oozes of Southshore and the disease clouded streets of Gilneas City stand testament to her aims and means.Are we to believe that the new Warchief will have either the time or the motivation to pull Sylvanas back? It would make more sense from Vol’jin’s perspective, as ruler of a weakened Horde, to let Sylvanas draw as much attention away from Kalimdor as she can – to draw Alliance attention away from him, and his crippled Horde. Letting the forsaken do whatever they want will give him time to rebuild and retrench. No, it’s clear enough to even the most jaded observer – as long as the Horde exists, it will seek dominion over all the world of Azeroth. The Horde must be stopped. Furthermore, it is my opinion that Orgrimmar must be destroyed. Why destroy Orgrimmar? From an Alliance perspective, here are several reasons:It is named after a war criminal. Orgrim Doomhammer, the Warchief of the Horde during the Second War, presided over the destruction of Stormwind and the murder of King Llane Wrynn at the hands of the assassin Garona. He approved the rape, torture and forced breeding of the Dragonqueen Alexstrasza so that her offspring could be enslaved and used as weapons of war. He led the invasion of human lands and the murder of countless innocents who had neither committed any aggression towards him nor even heard of him or his people. Upon his head lies the responsibility of the Second War.It is in a desert. The orcish people have proved they resent living in a desert, despite the fact that they themselves settled here – this resentment has led them to attempt successful violent expansion throughout Kalimdor. Allowing Orgrimmar to stand will only create further resentment on the part of the orcs, who are still a potent militaristic culture and who in a decade from the end of the Third War built themselves into the military force under Hellscream that threatened the entire world.It is a symbol of resurgent Horde power. The fel iron walls of Orgrimmar symbolized the Horde as an engine of conquest. The city is a fortress that was only breached by the combined might of the Alliance and a substantial portion o深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛f the Horde itself joined forces to assail it. Leaving such a fortress intact is tactically unwise – the Alliance is unlikely to have the support of much of the Horde if it ever needs to breach the city again.Following the overthrow of Hellscream, what has the Horde actually lost for their participation in his madness? If the Horde is allowed to progress forward without any significant costs to the expansionist policy Hellscream mandated and which they willingly participated in, what message is the Alliance sending? “It’s okay to murder our citizens and steal our territories”? Neither Thrall nor new Warchief Vol’jin have offered a single concession or reparation for what the Horde did under Hellscream, and this despite the fact that Thrall appointed Hellscream.As we can see, the destruction of Orgrimmar would have several positive results. It would remove a memorial to a war criminal, it would force the orcs to relocate – since the Alliance has chosen to abandon Azshara, which is a relatively fertile land in comparison to Durotar’s deserts, might we suggest they move directly north? There should be enough room to settle the orcs in Azshara’s greener pastures. If they don’t wish to do so, then they can be dispersed throughout the rest of the Horde’s territories in Kalimdor. They’ve stolen huge chunks of land, land that the Alliance seems unwilling to take from them – let them live dispersed throughout it. Perhaps a generation of diaspora learning how to actually farm would curb some of their aggressive instincts (although this writer doubts it).It would destroy the monument to Horde aggression and deny it a fortress capable of holding off the military power of the Alliance, and it would send a clear message to the Horde that unchecked aggression actually has costs and that these costs extend to everyone, not just the man at the top of the heap. Yes, Hellscream bears responsibility for all that he’s done. But he couldn’t have done any of it if the Horde hadn’t supported him. By himself, he was just one extremely bellicose orc. The orcish tendency (seemingly shared by the trolls and tauren, as well as the forsaken) to create cults of personality and follow them wherever they lead has time and again led to conflict, and allowing Orgrimmar to continue to exist supports this tendency.In fact, we need not only destroy Orgrimmar, but it would be in our best interests to destroy the position of Warchief as well. The Horde has proved itself to be very likely to follow a charismatic leader towards whatever ends said leader proposes.Blackhand the Destroyer led the orcs to Azeroth. Imagine – he convinced nearly his entire race to travel to an alien world and make war upon people they had no reason to hate solely on his word that there would be a profit in doing so. Orgrim Doomhammer, even Thrall kept up this cult of personality – Thrall motivated the bedraggled survivors of the Second War so thoroughly that they went from listless, lifeless captives in large internment camps to a highly motivated army, and he led them in a raid on Theramore’s naval fleet, stealing ships in order to take them all to a continent none of them had ever seen or heard of. They followed him without hesitation, even when he decided to settle in a desert that would provide very little resources without years of laborious effort and an understanding of agriculture they did not possess. Worse, the allies they made in Kalimdor were nomads who themselves also don’t spend any time farming. Clearly, it’s not just Hellscream that the Horde will follow blindly.We have little information on Vol’jin as a leader, but it’s fair to say that his Darkspear Trolls also follow him with a similar blind loyalty, and with Thrall’s backing it is likely the orcs will fall in line behind him. Do we need another cult of personality at the top of the Horde? Wouldn’t it serve our interests better to keep them divided? The removal of the Warchief position is our top priority. It’s more important than even destroying Orgrimmar. The destruction of the city would have several benefits, but they all pale before the benefit of keeping the Horde too busy squabbling among themselves to offer violence to anyone else. The careful cultivation of a council of leaders would serve to keep tensions high, and the politics of a developing system of this kind would pit rivals like Lor’thmar Theron and Sylvanas directly against each other, which would in turn make our own work in Gilneas easier.It is this analyst’s considered opinion that under no circumstances can we allow the Horde to retain a Warchief, and furthermore, Orgrimmar must be destroyed.(Writer’s note – have at it, commenters.)(Second writer’s note – just a brief suggestion, but there’s an essay by Jonathan Swift called “A Modest Proposal” – consider that essay’s aims, and then this post again.)While you don’t need to have played the previous Warcraft games to enjoy World of Warcraft, a little history goes a long way toward making the game a lot more fun. Dig into even more of the lore and history behind the World of Warcraft in WoW Insider’s Guide to Warcraft Lore.

Phiaton launches new Fusion and Chord headphones for the audiophile set

Phiaton… what is it about audio brands that don’t easily roll off the tongue? It’s the latter that interests us today, of course, after announcing two new sets of headphones for those who are serious about sound. The Chord MS 530 is a pair of beautifully designed Bluetooth 4.0 apt-X cans that pack active noise cancellation alongside dual microphones and 40mm titanium drivers. Rated for between 18-30 hours of battery life, the Chord will launch on October 8th for $350. If, however, that’s a bit rich for your blood, then the company is also launching the Fusion MS 430, which has been cast in lightweight carbon fiber and offers a pair of tangle-free leads and 40mm drivers, and a foldable design. The Fusion will launch on October 1st for $180, and so while you wait for Autumn to set in, check out the press gallery below. Gallery: Phiaton Chord MS 530 and Fusion MS 430 press gallery | 14 Photos 14 +10 Show full PR textPhiaton’s Carbon-Fiber MS 430 M-Series Headphones Fuse Exceptional Sound, Durability and Stunning DesignPremium Headphone Company debuts Lightweight, Carbon-Fiber Fusion MS 430 Headphones at Pepcom’s Holiday SpectacularNEW YORK CITY, NY (September 19, 2013) – Phiaton Corporation, a premium manufacturer of high-performance personal audio products, introduces the latest over-ear headphones to join the boldly styled M-Series, the Fusion MS 430.This new addition encompasses the past, present and future of the Moderna Series” said James Baik, President of Phiaton, “Every detail in the Fusion MS 430 Headphones was skillfully combined, fusing together brilliant materials and sound technology to deliver a powerful, aesthetic and resilient headphone.”The intricately detailed, Fusion MS 430 heaphones feature brilliant aluminum and red accents along with Phiaton’s signature carbon graphite fiber design. In addition to creating a unique, visually appealing style, the carbon graphite material is lightweight and extremely durable, encased in a high polymer enclosure that delivers improved resonance, with deep rich bass, a full-bodied midrange, and sparkling high notes.Other Features include:• 40mm drivers feature an optimized vibration system that adds extra emphasis on high frequency clarity• Oversized Neodymium magnets providing rich, commanding bass that compliments all music genres.• Fold and Go Design makes them compact, light, and easily foldable• Two Tangle Free ‘OFC’ Cables, one with an in-line microphone and volume controls.The Fusion MS 430 Headphones will be available beginning October 1st, 2013 for $179. They will be on display from 6 PM – 10 PM this evening at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in New York City at the Phiaton booth.—Leave Wires and Unwanted Noise Behind with Phiaton’s Chord MS 530 Bluetooth, Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesDebuting today at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular, Phiaton introduces an over-ear model that blocks out 98% of background noise and offers wireless freedom with Bluetooth 4.0 technologyNEW YORK CITY, NY (September 19, 2013) – Phiaton’s latest addition ensures that nothing will come between you and your music, eliminating wires and ambient background noise in one shot with its Chord MS 530 Headphones.”We’re effectively eliminating the need for more than one pair of headphones” said James Baik, President of Phiaton “with the Chord MS 530, you get incredible sound quality, active noise-cancellation, the flexibility of wireless Bluetooth technology and an unrivaled design that stands apart from competitors.”The Chord MS 530 Headphones employ active noise-cancelling technology, allowing users to listen without outside disturbances, eliminating 98% of ambient background noise. Paired up with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, users are able to listen wirelessly, experiencing improved sound quality, increased range and extended battery life. Additionally the apt-X technology increases digital streaming efficiency and improves the overall dynamic range.With 18-30 hours of talk/listening time, users will be able to enjoy their music throughout a long work day, flight or commute. They’ll also never need to remove the headphones as the MS 530s include a dual-microphone for making and receiving calls, using clear voice capture to separate the user’s voice from surrounding background noise. Additionally, Phiaton’s Everplay-X technology ensures that you can 深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛continue listening to music even if the battery runs out or if Bluetooth is restricted or unavailable.”Frequent fliers will love these headphones” said James Baik, “The Chord MS 530s can be used as a day-to-day Bluetooth headset then converted into hard-wired noise-cancelling headphones aboard a plane to comply with airline Bluetooth restrictions.”In addition to the Chord’s wide-range of useful features, Phiaton has also ensured the top-notch sound quality that Phiaton users have come to expect. Phiaton’s 40mm Titanium Driver Technology provides amazing sound reproduction. By adding a coat of titanium to the driver unit, the sound quality is enhanced, with deep rich bass and added sonic presence.The Chord Headphones will be available beginning October 8th, 2013 for $349. They will be on display from 6 PM – 10 PM this evening at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular in New York City at the Phiaton booth.

The Queue: Kitty and a can

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) likes kitties.No no no, kitty. Soda is not for kitties. Or pop, if that’s what you call it. Let’s just say you should probably avoid the entire spectrum of canned carbonated beverages and leave it at that.Fizzl asked:Actual Q4TQ: assuming we don’t get any leaks before Blizzcon, and assuming TDB isn’t actually a thing, is this the first time a new expansion has gone (largely) un-leaked?Well there’s that whole possible trademark thing that was dug up yesterday, but … I think this is probably the longest we’ve gone, yes. Keep in mind I wasn’t paying too much attention to these things when The Burning Crusade was announced, I was busy happily playing vanilla instead. I don’t recall if information was found on that beforehand or not. But I’m pretty certain that every other expansion prior to this one, we had some sort of big clue about where we were going and what we were going to be doing. We haven’t seen that, yet. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me, I love surprises! mattprendo asked:I thought I read a few Q’s ago that any alt can ride a cloud serpent now without obtaining the rep for it. I tried last night and I couldn’t. Is this a glitch, 6.0 thing or just bad information?That was incorrect information. You still need to be exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent to ride a cloud serpent, and that has not been made account-wide. However! If you’re looking to get your alts reputation with the Order, you can farm Huolon on the Timeless Isle not just for the gorgeous mount, but also for Quivering Firestorm Eggs. They are bind-on-account and can be turned in for a whopping chunk of reputation with the Order — 1,000 reputation with no bonuses, 2000 reputation a pop if you’ve bought the Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent.Alexey asked: Q4TQ. How many Bloody Coins do you have?Not a single one. PvP is not my thing. However, there seem to be quite a few people roaming the Isle and happily murdering each other.@Adamdm_ asked via Twitter:Did my eyes decieve me, or do Lor’themar, Sylvanas, and mage guy all just leave once they kill Galakras?Look, they killed the dragon. That’s what they were there to do, man. Sheesh.No, really — I believe they take off because they were simply opening the way for your raid to get through to Vol’jin and Baine. They do, however, pop up at a later point — they have to. They’re in the end cinematic for the raid, after all!@andrefmt asked via Twitter:assuming at the moment I don’t have any friends on my server, what’s the best way to find a friendly guild for me?Generally speaking, I find that checking the forums for whatever realm you happen to be on will have at least a few different guilds posting information and looking for members. I don’t advise asking in trade chat, because people tend to be … rude, sometimes. I like looking at the realm forums mainly because I can get a good feel for people in the guild based on their posting style. And whatever you do, don’t take the blind invites offered by that silly spamming mod that people have installed. You never know what you’re going to get, and they give you no idea of what the guild is actually like, other than the fact that it is apparently being run by someone who thinks it’s okay to spam people with random guild invites out of the blue.@MPickett57 asked via Twitter:”Heroes of The Storm” next wow expansion or the next hit single of The Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieften?That would make for one heck of a music video. Honestly, I don’t know what it is — it could be another fake just like The Dark Below, for all we know right now.@kremlincardinal asked:Are the Draenei ever going to become relevant again? I’ve always liked them and think they’re due for some good story action.Well, let’s see. Wrathion has been yammering on and on and on about some upcoming Second Coming of the Burning Legion that we ought to be worried about. The Burning Legion has a really strong connection with the draenei, story-wise. So thematically, if we really are looking at the return of the Burning Legion, it stands to reason we’ll see more draenei lore — which would be fantastic, because I totally love the draenei and they really do need more screen time.ScottLeyes asked:If the Queue is written in the middle of the forest when no one is around, does anyone read the comments?Yes. Haven’t you heard? Hellscream’s eyes are everywhere. Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your q深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛uestions in the comments, and we’ll do our best to answer ’em!

Toyota plans mid-decade launch of anti-collision system and self-driving cars

pedestrians and other obstacles and not only hits the brakes, but steers the vehicle to avoid hitting whatever is in its path. It gives the driver a chance to react first, bringing up a visual cue then setting off an audible alarm, before taking action on its own.Of course, that’s just the start of Toyota’s plans. By the end of the decade it hopes to roll out Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA), a self-driving platform developed with its research vehicle unveiled at CES. The platform is built around two core technologies: Cooperative-adaptive Cruise Control, which talks to other cars over a 700MHz wireless connection to keep a safe distance at all times, and Lane Trace Control, which uses millimeter wave radar and high resolution cameras to keep the vehicle in its lane. These technologies will be deployed in limited situations at first, with a trial on the Shuto Expressway near Tokyo beginning on October 15th. The goal here isn’t to take complete control away from the driver, but focus on improving safety. For more details on both initiatives, check out the PR af深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛ter the break. Show full PR textToyota Develops New Pedestrian Safety TechnologyPre-collision System with Pedestrian-avoidance Steer Assist Uses Automatic Steering to Help Avoid CollisionsToyota City, Japan, Oct. 11, 2013 – Toyota Motor Corporation announces that it has developed a Pre-collision System (PCS) that uses automatic steering in addition to increased pre-collision braking force and automatic braking to help prevent collisions with pedestrians. Toyota is committed to developing safety technologies that help eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries involving pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.The new PCS with Pedestrian-avoidance Steer Assist can help prevent collisions in cases where automatic braking alone is not sufficient, such as when the vehicle is travelling too fast or a pedestrian suddenly steps into the vehicle’s path. An on-board sensor detects pedestrians and issues a visual alert on the dashboard immediately in front of the driver if the system determines that there is a risk of collision. If the likelihood of a collision increases, the system issues an audio and visual alarm to encourage the driver to take evasive action, and the increased pre-collision braking force and automatic braking functions are activated. If the system determines that a collision cannot be avoided by braking alone and there is sufficient room for avoidance, steer assist is activated to steer the vehicle away from the pedestrian.The number of traffic fatalities in Japan has declined for 12 consecutive years, reaching 4,411 in 2012. However, of that total, pedestrian fatalities are the most common, accounting for 37.0 percent*.Last year, Toyota developed a system that uses increased pre-collision braking force and automatic braking to help prevent collisions with pedestrians. The system, which was adopted on the Lexus “LS”, warns the driver when it detects a potential collision with a pedestrian or obstacle. If the driver does not take action to avoid the collision, the system activates.TMC aims to make PCS (Pedestrian-avoidance with no steer assist) more affordable and roll it out by 2015 on a wider range of vehicles, before introducing PCS with Pedestrian-avoidance Steer Assist.*National Police Agency Traffic Bureau data****************************************************************Toyota to Launch Advanced Driving Support System Using Automated Driving Technologies in Mid-2010sSafer Highway DrivingReduced Environmental Effects and Driver WorkloadToyota City, Japan, October 11, 2013 – Toyota Motor Corporation announces that it has developed a next-generation advanced driving support system, Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA), which uses automated driving technologies to support safer highway driving.AHDA links two automated driving technologies to support safer driving and reduce driver workload: Cooperative-adaptive Cruise Control, which wirelessly communicates with preceding vehicles to maintain a safe distance; and Lane Trace Control, which aids steering to keep the vehicle on an optimal driving line within the lane.Toyota recognizes the importance of the driver being in ultimate control of a vehicle and is therefore aiming to introduce AHDA and other advanced driving support systems wherethe driver maintains control and the fun-to-drive aspect of controlling a vehicle is not compromised. Toyota plans to market the newly developed AHDA in the mid-2010s and other driving support systems as soon as possible to provide safe and secure means of transportation.Ahead of trials on the Shuto Expressway near the Tokyo metropolitan area starting October 15, Toyota will exhibit AHDA at the 20th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress Tokyo 2013, an international conference for intelligent transport systems (ITS), to be held from October 14 to 18.In addition, to enable prompt market introduction of next-generation driving support systems, Toyota will make use of the cutting-edge component technologies and know-how acquired through automated driving research conducted with the advanced active safety research vehicle unveiled at the 2013 International CES in Nevada, United States in January this year.Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA)Cooperative-adaptive Cruise ControlIn contrast to standard radar cruise control (which uses millimeter-wave radar to detect other vehicles), Cooperative-adaptive Cruise Control uses 700-MHz band vehicle-to-vehicle ITS communications to transmit acceleration and deceleration data of preceding vehicles so that following vehicles can adjust their speeds accordingly to better maintain inter-vehicle distance. By reducing unnecessary acceleration and deceleration, the system improves fuel efficiency and helps reduce traffic congestion.Lane Trace ControlLane Trace Control, which features completely new Toyota automated driving technologies, employs high-performance cameras, millimeter-wave radar and control software to enable an optimal and smooth driving line at all speeds. The system adjusts the vehicle’s steering angle, driving torque and braking force when necessary to maintain the optimal line within the lane.Automated Driving Technologies ResearchAt the 2013 International CES, Toyota displayed the advanced active safety research vehicle, a test vehicle for automated driving technologies that Toyota is researching under its Integrated Safety Management Concept*. The test vehicle, based on the Lexus “LS”, is being used in research at the Toyota Research Institute of North America in Saline, Michigan, and is capable of autonomous driving. It is fitted with forward-looking cameras to detect traffic signals, as well as front-mounted sensors to detect vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles to determine traffic conditions, such as intersections and merging traffic lanes, in the vehicle’s vicinity. Such research on various elemental technologies is aimed to help drivers choose the safest routes possible.Toyota has been researching automated driving technologies since the second half of the 1990s, and has been conducting public road tests in the U.S. for a number of years. Within Japan, Toyota has been testing its next-generation Intelligent Driver-support System on public roads for approximately two years.Based on the insights gained from automated driving research, Toyota aims to provide advanced driving support systems optimized to help enable safer driving and contribute to realizing the ultimate goal of any society that values mobility: the elimination of traffic fatalities and injuries.In anticipation of the super-aging populations of the future, these advances will also be used to develop technologies that support senior drivers with recognition, decision-making and vehicle operation, with the aim of achieving a mobility society where they can lead fuller lives. Furthermore, Toyota is working to provide more stable driving environments that contribute to the alleviation of traffic congestion, thereby reducing economic loss and CO2 emissions.

Panzer General Online beta now underway, accepting applicants

Ubisoft has announced it’s ramping up a closed beta session for Panzer General Online, the free-to-play browser entry in the long-running strategy series. If you want to enlist, head on over to the official site and sign up. Panzer General Online, currently in development at Blue Byte in collaboration with Funatics Software, uses a collectible card mechanic where players unlock cards that they then use to build up their own personalized armies. The single-player side focuses on historical WWII battles, while multiplayer features direct head-to-head competition.No launch official launch date has been set for Panzer General Online. Gallery: Panzer General Online | 4 Photos 4 +1 Show full PR textPANZER GENERAL® ONLINE ROLLS INTO CLOSED BETAThe famous turn-based strategy game Panzer General® Online is now available for all English playersClosed beta preview keys available on requestLondon, UK – September 18th, 2013 – Today, Ubisoft announced that Panzer General® Online’s English closed beta phase has started. Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte in close collaboration with Funatics Software. Panzer General® Online represents a new direction for the Panzer General® series by focusing on web-based intense tactical multiplayer battles.Thanks to its new free-to-play model Panzer General® Online will be available for all players willing to experience historical inspired battles from World War II. Directly playable from their browser with no download required, the game is making its first step in the Digital’s game world.In both single-player and multiplayer modes, users are taking control of an army made of legendary units like Tiger Tank or Nebelwerfer rocket Launcher. The single-player campaign allows them to take part in historically-inspired battles such as Monte Casino or the Battles of the Bulge. In the multiplayer mode, players will be able to challenge each other and discover which one is the finest strategist and has the best War’s skills. Panzer General® Online also incorporates a trading card system: during their playing experience, users can collect and trade virtual miniatures of tanks, infantry and artillery to create their own personalized army. They can also compose a strong deck of command cards which let them call devastating air strikes and order tactical manoeuvres that can turn the tide of battle.With Panzer General® Online, as a Leader of the Army, the player has the opportunity to become a master of the Art of War by making the best tactical decisions, taking the correct choice of units and lead his troops to a great victory.To take part in this experience, players can create an account and register for the closed beta on the official website: www.panzergeneral.comAbout Blue Byte, a Ubisoft studio:Blue Byte was established in 1988 and released its first hit game in 1991: Battle Isle. This was followed in 1993 by the development strategy game The Settlers®, which established itself as a longlasting favorite. In 2001, Blue Byte was acquired by Ubisoft, and in 2004 the studio moved into the premises of Ubisoft’s German branch in Düsseldorf. The team at Blue Byte is responsible for new productions of The Settlers® and ANNO®. The studio is also active in the free-2-play genre with the web-based browser game The Settlers Online, available in several languages and currently captivating millions of players worldwide.About Ubisoft:Ubisoft is a leading producer, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment products wo深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛rldwide and has grown considerably through a strong and diversified lineup of products and partnerships. Ubisoft has offices in 29 countries and has sales in more than 55 countries around the globe. It is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers. For the 2012-13 fiscal year Ubisoft generated sales of €1,256 million. To learn more, please visit© 2013 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Panzer General, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. Developed by UBISOFT Blue Byte and Funatics.

SanDisk’s CFast 2.0 card is the world’s fastest memory card of any kind

About a year after the CompactFlash Association announced the CFast 2.0 draft spec, SanDisk has revealed its new Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 memory card. The first of its kind, SanDisk says read speeds of up to 450MB/s and write speeds of up to 350MB/s make it the world’s fastest memory card, period. Speed isn’t the only improvement either, as the cards claim a tougher, pinless design and even unique serial numbers that owners can register with customer support. For now however, its use is going to be quite limited. The only camera ready for it at launch is the just-announced Arri Amira, although the Arri XT and Classic (with the XR module) cameras can also use it with an adapter. For those still using traditional CompactFlash storage for their 4K shooting the company is stretching the limits there too, with a new 256GB card that it says has the highest capacity ever. That extra storage will cost you however, with a price of $1,809 for the new 256GB version. There’s no word on a price for the CFast 2.0 cards or their USB 3.0-equipped reader, but pro videographers in the US and Europe should be able to find them soon at specialty shops and Arri-authorized locations. Show full PR textSanDisk Launches World’s First CFast 2.0 Memory CardSanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 Memory Card is The World’s Fastest Memory Card For High-Performance Professional Photo and Video CaptureAMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, today announced the SanDisk Extreme Pro® CFastTM 2.0 memory card, designed for professional broadcast, cinematography and next-generation professional photography.”These cards will enable new digital solutions for professional filmmakers looking to embrace technologies such as high-quality 4K video, and are another example of SanDisk’s innovation and leadership in flash memory storage.”The 120GB1 SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 memory card is the world’s fastest memory card, with read speeds of up to 450MB/s2 (3000X) for maximum workflow efficiency and write speeds up to 350MB/s2 (2333X) for faster recording performance. The SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 memory card’s industry leading transfer speeds offer up to double the shot speed of today’s fastest cards. With the new card, industry professionals are able to manage large files faster than ever. For example, a 100GB file takes nearly 20 minutes to transfer from CompactFlash at 90MB/s. With the SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 memory card, it takes only four minutes to transfer at 450MB/s3.”With the SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 card, we are enabling a next generation card format to meet the needs of high-end professional cinematographers,” said Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product marketing, SanDisk. “These cards will enable new digital solutions for professional filmmakers looking to embrace technologies such as high-quality 4K video, and are another example of SanDisk’s innovation and leadership in flash memory storage.”The SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast card is the first to utilize the CFast 2.0 specification. This specification was a collaboration of leading CompactFlash Association members to meet the demanding requirements of professional video and photography applications. Early adopters and endorsers include SanDisk, Canon, ARRI and Codex. The result of this alliance is the CFast 2.0 specification, delivering a new level of performance for next generation professional video and photography cameras.Leading motion picture equipment manufacturer ARRI, will be the first to implement CFast 2.0 as recording media in a camera. The new documentary-style ARRI AMIRA will record to in-camera CFast 2.0 cards, and ALEXA XT camera users will be able to use a new CFast 2.0 adapter, allowing ALEXA XT cameras, as well as ALEXA Classic cameras upgraded with the XR Module, to do the same. Stephan Schenk, general manager of ARRI’s camera and DI systems business unit said, “SanDisk’s new SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 cards deliver tremendous performance, allowing professionals to record ProRes 4444 up to 200Fps with AMIRA, and up to 120Fps with ALEXA XT/XR cameras, on cost-effective recording media.”Canon is also a supporter of the CFast 2.0 standard. Masaya Maeda, managing director and chief executive of image communication product operations at Canon said, “With extremely fast performance, CFast 2.0 memory cards will enable us to develop next-generation cameras with more powerful features, enabling future 4K Ultra HD video recording capability.”Durability and ReliabilityThis new high-performance card format is reliable and equipped with a durable form factor. The SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 cards are created to withstand real-world exposure to temperature, shock and vibration, and include a pinless design, which lessens the chance of damaging the card or camera while changing cards. The cards will also be marked with a unique individual serialization number that can be registered into SanDisk Pro Care Customer Support. Additionally, a lifetime limited warranty4 and a downloadable offer for a one year subscription to RescuePRO® media recovery software5 are available.AvailabilitySanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 memory cards are available in the U.S. and Europe at select photo specialty stores and at ARRI authorized storefronts in 60GB and 120GB capacities.Also available is the SanDisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 Reader/Writer, the world’s first CFast 2.0 memory card reader, designed for professional photographers and videographers in the broadcast, cinema and photography industries. Small enough for field work, the reader is built to handle the high performance demands of CFast 2.0 technology and increase workflow efficiency with support for USB 3.0 interface transfer speeds up to 500MB/s6.About SanDiskSanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK) is a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, from research and development, product design and manufacturing to branding and distr深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛ibution for commercial and retail channels. Since 1988, SanDisk’s innovations in flash memory and storage system technologies have provided customers with new and transformational digital experiences. SanDisk’s diverse product portfolio includes flash memory cards and embedded solutions used in smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, digital media players and other consumer electronic devices, as well as USB flash drives and solid-state drives (SSD) for the computing market. SanDisk’s products are used by consumers and enterprise customers around the world.SanDisk is a Silicon Valley-based S&P 500 and Fortune 500 company, with more than half its sales outside the United States. For more information, visit 120GB: Up to 450MB/s read speed; Up to 350MB/s write speed. 60GB: Up to 450MB/s read speed; up to 225MB/s write speed. Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending upon host device. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes. X=150KB/s.2 1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less.3 Approximations; Results will vary based on host device, file attributes and other factors.4 30 years warranty in Germany, Canada and regions not recognizing lifetime warranty.5 Registration required; terms and conditions apply.6 Based on USB 3.0 specification; performance may vary depending on use case and host device. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes.© 2013 SanDisk Corporation. All rights reserved. SanDisk, CompactFlash, RescuePRO and SanDisk Extreme Pro are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation, registered in the United States and other countries. CFast is a trademark of CompactFlash Association. Other brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be the trademarks of their respective holder(s).

Garmin D2 delivers wrist-friendly GPS for pilots

runners, hikers, swimmers, even golfers have their own wrist-worn devices from the consumer GPS pioneer. Now pilots can be added to the growling list of people with their own specialty Ga深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛rmin wearable. The D2 Pilot Watch includes all the basic, but essential, functions of those old-school aviator watches, like those from Breitling, along with a bevy of advanced features. For one, you can load a flight plan on it and monitor your position on a moving map displayed on its tiny monochrome screen. There’s also a dedicated NRST button that uses the built-in GPS to guide you the nearest airport in the case of an emergency. It can also track ground speed, time to destination, altitude and there’s a compass display with a horizontal situation indicator (HSI). And, of course, it plays nice with Garmin’s stable of other products, like its Pilot App and VIRB action cam. The press release claims the D2 is expected to go on sale in November for $449, though, the Garmin online store currently has it listed for $470. Regardless, we don’t anticipate this popping up on the shelves of your local Best Buy. Show full PR textGarmin® Announces D2™ Pilot Watch, First GPS Watch Designed for Aviators8 OCTOBER 2013 @ 6:00 AM / AVIATION /OLATHE, Kan. /October 8, 2013/Business Wire – Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced another aviation first, a premium GPS watch designed specifically for aviators. D2’s features include Garmin’s signature direct-to and nearest navigation functions, as well as a built-in altimeter with adjustable baro setting, altitude alerting capabilities, display of both local and Zulu/UTC time, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the Garmin Pilot™ app, VIRB™ action camera, and more.”In addition to the ability to provide global navigation solutions right on your wrist, D2’s seamless integration with other Garmin products makes it an essential piece of equipment for every cockpit,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “D2 is as rich in style as it is in features and with the wealth of information it provides, every pilot will want one.”D2 meets the needs of global aviators by offering a worldwide aviation database. Pilots can easily press and hold dedicated buttons for quick access to perform direct-to, nearest functions, as well as create fly-over waypoints of their current locations. Additionally, pilots can load flight plans and create waypoints, similar to the capability found in our popular portable GPS products. Other features include the option to assign customized data fields to display GPS ground speed, GPS track, distance, estimated time enroute, bearing, glide ratio and much more. D2 features altitude alerting which notifies pilots when they reach or leave a preselected altitude, helping to ensure the desired altitude is maintained in-flight.Pilots can navigate precisely and accurately with D2, which offers a built-in WAAS GPS, highly accurate altimeter with an adjustable barometric setting, compass with an HSI, and moving map page. With the option to set up vibrating alerts within D2, pilots are easily reminded of critical operations such as when to switch fuel tanks in-flight or any other time sensitive operation.D2 enriches every flying experience when integrated with select Garmin products. Pilots may conveniently build flight plans and create waypoints within the Garmin Pilot app on compatible Bluetooth® (BLE) devices and easily upload them to D2. Additionally, D2 will remotely control Garmin’s HD action camera, VIRB. When connected to VIRB, D2 has the ability to remotely start and stop video, view elapsed time for active video recording, as well as capture high quality still photos – even when video recording is active.Availability for D2 is anticipated in November at a price of $449.00*.Garmin’s aviation business segment is a leading provider of solutions to OEM, aftermarket, military and government customers. Garmin’s portfolio includes navigation, communication, flight control, hazard avoidance, surveillance, and other products and services that are known for innovation, reliability, and value. For more information about Garmin’s full line of avionics, go to, and GarminGarmin International Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation. Since 1989, this group of companies has designed, manufactured, marketed and sold navigation, communication and information devices and applications – most of which are enabled by GPS technology. Garmin’s products serve automotive, mobile, wireless, outdoor recreation, marine, aviation, and OEM applications. Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in Switzerland, and its principal subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit Garmin’s virtual pressroom at or contact the Media Relations department at 913-397-8200. Garmin is a registered trademark and D2, VIRB and Garmin Pilot are trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Super Joystiq Podcast 069: The Wolf Among Us, Beyond Two Souls, MTB Freeride

This week’s Super Joystiq Podcast is fully performance-captured.Two story-driven games, two very different experiences. Ludwig, Susan, and Jordan convene to talk about the disappointing Beyond: Two Souls, Telltale’s triumphant return in The Wolf Among Us, and an early beta open-world, first-person mountain biking game (yes, for real), MTB Freeride. We also answer an array of listener questions, mostly pertaining to the now-just-five-weeks-away next generation of consoles.Joyswag is back with 20 codes available for indie game Irritum, and stick around after the show for a full,深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛 spoiler-filled breakdown of some of the more puzzling facets of Beyond: Two Souls’s story.Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast:Subscribe to the Super Joystiq Podcast in iTunesAdd the Super Joystiq Podcast feed to your RSS aggregatorDownload the MP3 directlyPodcast timestamps and relevant links are available after the break. Listen to the MP3 Show BreakdownHosts: Ludwig (@LudwigK), Susan (@SusanArendt), Jordan (@Jordan_Mallory)00:00:00 // Intro00:01:27 // The Wolf Among Us00:14:04 // Beyond: Two Souls00:51:09 // MTB Freeride00:56:56 // Mailbaaaaaaaaag01:31:52 // Giveaway01:33:18 // Wrap-up01:34:56 // Beyond: Two Souls spoiler talkCreditsTheme Music: Satsuma Audio and Whitaker Blackall – “A Basstastic Undertaking”Segment Bumpers: Go Cart, Blown Away, Rocket – Kevin MacLeod ( MediaPodcast Twitter: @JoystiqPodcast – Have a question? Use the hashtag #QJoystiqWebsite Twitter: @JoystiqFacebook: Joystiq Facebook PageSubscribe to Joystiq’s YouTube ChannelFollow Joystiq on for game streams and giveawaysBreaking News and FeaturesThe Wolf Among Us – ‘Faith’ Review: Grim fairy taleBeyond: Two Souls review: Ever TetheredPodcast ProductionJonathan Downin (@jonathandownin)Joyswag: 20 codes for indie game IrritumTo enter this week’s giveaway:Listen to and subscribe to the podcast. Send an email to podcast at joystiq dot com. Be sure to include the secret password (revealed during the podcast) in the subject line. Spelling counts! Comments posted here do not qualify.Only one entry per person, per password. Emails containing multiple passwords do not qualify. Must be over 18 years of age and a resident of the United States. Entries must be received on or before Friday, October 18, 2013.At that time, we’ll randomly select one (20) winners to receive a code for Irritum.For a list of complete rules for JoySwag, click here.What is Joyswag? Since we don’t keep the games and merchandise we receive for review or promotional purposes, it becomes “Joyswag,” which is passed along to our readers. Please note that Joyswag may be in “used” condition.For more info on our policy, click here.

The Daily Grind: Does progression matter to you?

For some players, the game is all about the endgame. The reason to play the game is to wind up at the highest tier of content and get the highest tier of gear, and if you are not doing that, then you are fundamentally not playing correctly. That doesn’t mean these players do nothing else; it just means that they’re going to base their guild choice in Star Wars: The Old Republic on progress concerns before social ones.But then there’s the other camp that doesn’t care about all of that. Sure, progression is nice to a point, but these are players who derive more enjoyment from the social side of things. They have no interest in joining a guild focused solely upon the endgame; they want to be in a guild for roleplaying or social contacts or whatever. Progress is nice but secondary. So which camp do you veer toward? Does progression matter to you, or are you quite happy finding other ways to play the game?Every morning, the Massively bloggers probe the minds of their readers with deep, thought-provoking questions about that mos深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛t serious of topics: massively online gaming. We crave your opinions, so grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and chime in on today’s Daily Grind!

WoW Moviewatch: Lore According to Arthas

As a lore columnist, I’m terribly familiar with the story of Arthas and the fall of Lordaeron. But hey, I’ve never heard the story from Arthas’ side. So what’s a bitter, mostly dead former Lich King to do? Slightly Impressive tackles the subject with the Lore According to Arthas, in which the former Lich King explains everything that happened to a befuddled gnome who hasn’t played through the Wrath expansion.Needless to say, Slightly Impressive did a fa深圳夜网_深圳桑拿网_深圳夜网论坛ntastic job with his latest effort. The explanation of the final battles in Icecrown in particular had me cracking up. As usual, he hit all the right notes, and the visuals were spot-on. It’s a little hard for me personally to hear Arthas say anything without picturing Myndflame’s interpretation of the character, but Slightly Impressive nailed it, right down to the excessive reminder that everything he does is, yes, for Lordaeron. Take a look! Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at