AMD leaks Ryzen 2000-series expansion with mobile and Threadripper CPUs

An update of AMD’s product portfolio has given us a much greater insight into the broader range of Ryzen 2000-series processors that AMD has in the works, including top-of-the-line Threadripper chips. They will flesh out the Zen+ refresh that has seen AMD improve its already popular Ryzen CPUs with a die shrink and a few hundred megahertz of additional clock speed across the range.AMD has released a number of new processors in 2018, including the intriguing, though somewhat hard to recommend,  accelerated processing units (APUs), and a refresh of its premium desktop chips, . Those chips launched with boosted clock speeds and more aggressive price tags than their predecessors, and offer a modest boost in performance over the first Ryzen CPUs.AMD’s product portfolio shows that there are still plenty more Ryzen 2000-series CPUs to come, though. of Ryzen 3 2100, 2300X, and 2500X chips at the entry level. They will all be quad-core chips and will largely be aimed at entry level builds, though the his role at Leicester City is a tough one.The right-wing position is not one of Perez’s favourites but the Leicester City forward believes he has adapted to the “suffering” felt in the position.“If you ask me for my favourite position, that’s num2500X may be recommended for gamers on a budget, as it will be the only Ryzen 5 quad-core chip.In the mobile space, AMD will be adding the Ryzen 3 2000U, Ryzen 5 2600U, and Ryzen 7 2800U. These will expand upon existing offerings that include the 2200U, 2300U, 2500U, and 2700U.For hardware enthusiasts though, the most exciting reveal in the AMD product portfolio is detailed on the new Threadripper CPUs. These will represent the most powerful Zen+ chips and though overkill for most users, will be the most impreJack Grealish this summer courtesy of a massive buyout clause.The Mirror saycontent_imgs with Tottenham still keen, Grealish has a staggering £60million buy-out clause in his contract at Aston Villa.The promotion-chasing Championship club have protected themsessive of their generation. Expected to offer the same clock-speed boost of other Ryzen 2000-series chips, the Ryzen 2900X, 2920X, and 2950X, will effectively replace their counterparts from the first generation.Although the original appears to have been hidden from public view at the time of writing, it only revealed product names and numbers. That doesn’t tell us much beyond their existence, though we would expect to learn more about them in the coming weeks. They will all certainly debut this year, with AMD planning to launch its .

This futuristic tiny smart home prototype hopes to inspire architects everywhere

When most companies debut a product, it’s usually something they intend to manufacture and sell. That doesn’t seem to be the caseas emerged of Chelsea defender David Luiz throwing an elbow at Gonzalo Higuain in training yesterday.Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri threw his cap to the ground, picked it back up, walked off and tossed it away again on Tuesday.This all came just hours b with smart home product and solutions provider , which debuted an artfully designed, exquisitely outfitted tiny smart home this month during Design Construction Week. Rather, it appears that Control4’s is meant to serve as an inspirational prototype for architects, builders, and designers to discover just how much efficiency and technology can be packed into a tiny home.As people continue to seek out information regarding to smart home amenities like smart lighting, voice control, and intelligent appliances, Control4 is using its prototype as a showcase or some kind of flagship model to introduce interactive, design-forward technology to the professionals that are destined to lead the way, from interior decorators to the most innovative architects who are exploring the possibilities of this sub-sector of the housing market.And boy, is it one hell of a toy. Nevermind the lofted bedroom, compact kitchen, and divided living space, all of which are both beautiful and functional thanks to construction and design by . It’s the massive amounts of technology Control4 has shoehorned into this box that makes it look like bathroom compared to the more traditional tiny home designs on the market that appeal more to those looking to get off the grid.Control4’s tiny home is built for complete control, but it’s also geared toward Wi-Fi-enabled devices, intelligent ambiance, and digital entertainment. Inside and out, there are dozens of entertainment and control devices for guests to interact with using custom-engraved wall keypads, handheld remotes, touchscreens, mobile devices, or voice control. Add to these features smart lighting and shading, multi-room audio with Triad’s richr at Turf Moor against his will.Dyche knows that the club will always have to field interest in their rising stars.”It’s part of the reality of the club,” Dyche told “We’re not giants in the Premier League.”We can’t pay the wages that oth and powerful , Control4’s Intercom Anywhere, video distribution, temperature control, and security, this tiny domicile is brimming with digital possibilities.The single-phrase voice commands that Control4 demonstrated and cited are kind of interesting, largely because the strings of commands the company has merged are really intuitive in practice. An “away” button puscontent_imgh or command closes the shades, shuts off the interior lights, lower the thermostat, and turn on exterior lights. “Outdoor” brings the entertainment system to the home’s patio for entertaining and ambient music that extends from the inside out. If the doorbell rings, the control system fires up a live video and audio feed from Intercom Anywhere will pop up on the touchscreen or the television if it’s on.So far, it looks like Control4 has simply built an example for others to build onto and to showcase its own smart home solutions but if any enterprising companies or entrepreneurs decide to partner with the company to bring it to market, we’ll let you know.

Fortnite views on Twitch fall, Apex Legends misses top 10 games played

Tracking the ebbs and flows across livestreaming platforms, content creators, and the subjects of those creators’ work are all key to understanding the trajectory of the livestream industry, and StreamElement’s latest report has been enlightening. In the last quarter,  lock on the top spot has weakened,  has fallen out of the top 10, and Facebook Gaming has moved up to the top three platforms to stream. was an eye-opener that further established Fortnite’s dominance despite the rise of and showed that Richard “” Blevins wasn’t the top streamer on Twitch. , Fortnite remains on top but is losing ground to non-gaming streams. Twitch is an accessible platform and content creators are using it for way more than just showing off games to their communities. The “Just Chatting” category grew over 7% in the last quarter while Fortnite and , the top two games in the first two quarters, dropped 3.6% and 5.9%, respectively.In Twitch’s “Just Chatting” you’ll find creators discussing current events with their communities, taking their viewers on the go as they travel, and other things that treat Twitch more like the social media platforms we are used to. Apex Legends falling off the charts is somewhat surprising but it will likely see a resurgence this quarter with the new season of content going content_imglive.  took its place in theent Mino Raiola plans to turn the screw on Manchester United to secure Paul Pogba a move away.AS report Raiola is preparing to apply the most extreme pressure to guarantee the transfer.It is claimed United expect the player to join his colleagues for second quarter.While Blevins may still not didn’t deserve defeat at Tottenham.Oleksandr Zinchenko was sent off for City and Ilkay Gundogan had a penalty saved in the 2-0 loss.Guardiola said, “We played well but lost the game. It happened again. They had two shots and scored two goals.”I don’tbe the No. 1 streamer, there is no one else that can claim that title consistently for the time being. Turner “Tfue” Tenney led the charge in two of the three months in the second quarter, which includes April, May, and June. Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar led in the third month and Ninja took a top-three spot through two of the months while falling to fourth in June.As far as the top livestreaming platforms, Twitch still holds a comfortable lead as 70% of the hours watched in the second quarter were on Twitch and the platform had a little under four times as many hours as YouTube Live, which takes second place. The intriguing takeaway is the rise of Facebook Gaming, which took the third-place spot over Mixer. To cement how influential all four of these platforms are, the total hours watched is over 3.7 billion.

Panono 360 cam comes full circle, finds new life after bankruptcy

The once ill-fated camera escaped a near brush with death thanks to a new private investor. Under the company name of Professional360 GmbH, the Panono will again be marketed to consumers through new retail channels and a new rental program, according to the company. The product is back in production and was on display at .The saga of the Panono began back in 2013 when a German startup took to to fund a revolutionary device: A 36-camera rig that produced spherical photos at up to 72 megapixels (later increased to 108). The ball-shaped camera could be mounted to a tripod, a selfie stick, or simply tossed into the air. It was one of the first products of its kind, but even by today’s standards, it remains significantly higher quality than most all-in-one 360 cams.At the time, consumers seemed eager for such a novel product: The raised $1.25 million. Sadly, fewer than half of the Panono’s 2,608 backers ever received a product.The original startup, Panono GmbH,  in March. Some hope arrived later in the year when co-founder Jonas Pfeil announced  in July. While it was unclear at that time whether the product would continue to be produced, it at least meant that current owners could continue to use their Panono cameras, which rely on cloud services to stitch the multiple camera angles together.The good news is we now know that the Panono will carry on. Unfortunately for the Panono’s original contributors, the terms of the sale meant the new buyer did not acquire any of Panono GmbH’s obligations to external parties. While we’re glad to see the Panono return to service, its story remains a cautionary one: Even highly succred from the departure of former vice-chairman David Dein.Dein was the co-owner and vice-chairman of the club until 2007, and since then Arsenal have failed to win the league and have not triumphed in any competition apart from the FA Cup. Speaking tessful crowdfunding campaigns can carry a high degree of risk. Supporters are therefore unlikely to receive any special treatment from the brand’s nal boss Arsene Wenger says Bayern Munich “stole” Serge Gnabry away from them.Gnabry was again outstanding for Bayern in their Champions League win at Chelsea last night, scoring twice.Wenger recalled: “He lacked a bit. I gave him to West Brom, it dinew caretaker, Professional360. Although, content_imgin a rather heated Panono , an apparent Professional360 representative mentioned the company may come out with an offer to allow Indiegogo supporters to purchase the camera at a discount.Digital Trends has reached out to the company for clarification and we will update this article when we hear back.

Back-up cameras are so 2015: Cars of the future will sport at least three cameras

Cars in 2021 may have more “eyes” than their drivers.  by the French research firm Yole Development estimates that vehicles will average more than three cameras per car just five years from now.Last year, vehicles averaged less than one camera per car, often in the form of a backup camera sold as an option like leather seats. According to the report, the growth is expected to come from camera systems designed for safety, parking assistance, and a 360-degree view of the vehicle.The report’s lead, Pierre Cambou, estimates that there will be 371 million automotive cameras on the roads in the next five years. While that means a 20 percent potential increasfter relegation was confirmed.Bamba, who has missed the latter part of the season through injury, told BT Sport after the crucial defeat to Crystal Palace that it’s a “big plus that Warnock’s staying”.”His man-management is second to none and that’s e in profits for sensor developers and automotive camera companies, the trend would also mean consumers would find camera safetycontent_img features standard on many vehicles, if the firm’s predictions come true.Automotive Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is expected to make up 51 percent of that growth, the report indicates. Analyst Eric Mounier says that, because these fairly new systems now have a positive track record, more companies are likely to make the investment.The increase covers the obvious cameras — like backup and blind spot systems — as well as more advanced options. Night vision cameay night. The result means Arsenal finish top of Group F ensuring they will avoid the majority of tricky knockout ties.Samuel Bastien and Selim Amallah had the hosts up by two goals with 21 minutes remaining.But two quick goals from Alexandre Lacazetras that detect pedestrians and animals could also increase in popularity.Some camera systems are expected to become options on luxury car brands as well. For example, 3D cameras inside the vehicle can monitor the driver and recognize his or her gestures — like in the hand motions to control the radio and climate controls .Automotive imaging technology has already shifted from two-dimensional applications to 3D cameras capable of measuring depth, the report says, and is expected to venture into adding time as a fourth dimension around 2030. While the report is only educated guesses, the research gives consumers a good idea of what cars of the future might look like — or at least what their cameras might see.

Stop fake Everest summit shots: Nepal uses GPS-tracking devices to stem hoaxes

it Watford following the expiration of their contracts at the end of the month, the club have announced.Britos made 74 appearances and scored twice after joining Watford from Napoli in the summer of 2015, while Watford academy graduate Hoban played 58 emid=”post-content”itemprop=”articleBody”>Unfortunately, some people lie about topping Mount Everest. Most athletic achievements are carefully observed and documented but to date, the same hasn’t held true for climbing to the top of the world’s tallest mountain. It’s not like anyone could actually stay there and check people’s names off a list or give them a token when they reach the summit.So at least a few people have faked it. The Nepalese government doesn’t want to put up with climbing cheats and is instituting a program to stop it. During this year’s two-month climbing season,y defeat to Inter Milan on Sunday.Milan now face Juventus in the first-leg of their Coppa Italia semifinal.Pioli said, “The derby? Unfortunately, we left the game with broken bones, we all wanted it to end differently, for the standings, our momentum which usually starts in late March, Nepal will issue GPS-tracking devices to some climbers. It’s a trial trail experiment, .: Durga Dutta Dhakal, an official with Nepal’s Tourism Department, said the department will assess the effectiveness at the end of the season. “If this works, we’ll make it mandatory for all climbers to carry the device from next year,” Dhakal said.Here is how it will work: Climbers who return to the Everest base camp and report successful summits will be required to show photographs and provide documentation from climber liaisons who remain at the bascontent_imge camp. After the climbers get back to Kathmandu, the country’s capital, they will turn in their GPS-tracking units. Officials will review the GPS “breadcrumb” trail, a record of progress with times and locations, as a way to certify the climbers actually did achieve the summit.Another potential benefit to the GPS trackers is assistance in communicating with rescue teams if climbers need assistance. Nepal gets approximately four percent of its gross domestic product from tourism and mountain climbing, according to Reuters. Both income sources suffered after numerous deaths from avalanches in 2014 and 2015. The GPS trackers may be able to simultaneously protect Everest’s reputation from frauds and make climbing a little safer.

‘Hellblade’ developer Ninja Theory’s video shows off gruesome combat

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is certainly the most ambitious game the studio has ever created thanks to its  “independent AAA” development model and a narrative surrounding mental illness, but fans shouldn’t forget what made Ninja Theory such an acclaimed team: combat.In a new developer diary, Ninja Theory explains a fundamental difference between the combat in Hellblade and that in its other games, such as DmC: Devil May Cry. Senua is a fragile, human warrior, and her attack animations reflect this.“It was important for us to make her feel vulnerable and not [like] a superhero,” says senior designer Juan Fernandez.Instead of taking on a dozen enemies at once like Dante, Senua cautiously approaches her Viking target, bobbing and weaving under his attacks before quickly striking with her blade. Each strike has a real sense of weight and damage, but it’s clear that just a counter or two from her opponent will be enough to send Senua to the ground. Ninja Theory also carefully animated Senua’s facial expressions to show the pain she endures. This was especiallcontent_imgy important for the combat in Hellblade, as there are no other indicators of damage or health.“A goal and a challenge for Hellblade was to give the player all feedback without the use of an onscreen HUD [heads-up display],” says “chief creative ninja” Tameem Antonaides. “So taking cues from action movies, everything had to be communicated visually and with sound.”This extends to enemies’ health, as well, which is shown through wounds that will gradually increase with each attack.The “realistic,” emotional, and gruesome approach to combat design offers pool midfielder Adam Lallana is eyeing a return to SouthamptonThe England midfielder fears he has no future at Liverpool after injury limited him to just five Premier League starts this season.The Liverpool-transfer-news-Adam-Lallana-Southampton-retusomething very different than the character action games that have risen in popularity thanks to PlatinumThe 14 year-old is the son of former Newcastle captain and columnist Lee Clark.Bobby entered the club’s history books when debuting for the Under-18s aged just 14 years and 206 days this season and we can reveal that he will be invGames, but it looks like the perfect choice given Hellblade‘s darker subject matter. The game is scheduled to launch this year on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Amazon debuts new mobile app for Echo Look a month after device’s launch

Last month, Amazon launched the , a hands-free camera that is designed not for security, but for style. And now, that camera has a companion app available on both and devices. The complete Echo Look system lets you view live previews from the camera, take a picture, check out various outfits, mark your favorites, compare styles, and more.Amazon has integrated Style Check, its Real Madrid ace Eden Hazard admits France tried to recruit him as a young player.France made their move for the now Belgium captain when he was coming through at Lille.Hazard revealed: “We talked about it a bit, especially when I started with Lille.”But I’m Belgian so I decided to play with Belgium.”Hazard was speaking to Real Madrid TV.half machine learning, half human-powered feature that helps you decide on the day’s outfit, into the Echo Look app, and also encourages users to save selfies in the app itself. This way, Amazon can maintain tons of plenty of real data about your personal style choices, and hopefully, make better recommendations for your next online shopping spree.The Echo Look wraps up several features you would expect from an Alexa addition, including the ability to simply say, “Alexa, take a photo.” But the camera also introduces a number of other features, including getting advice from fashion experts and faking the background blur or a larger-sensor camera.On the surface, the Echo Look is designed to make Alexa a personal fashion assistant. The full-length camera is designed to show users their outfit from every angle, then record a photo to create a personal “lookbook” of favorite outfits. The camera can also record videos for a better glimpse of an outfit’s view from every angle.Using machine learning platforms, Style Check compares two photos and suggests the “best” outcontent_imgfit for you. Amazon says the outfit ratings are based on fit, color, style and current trends. With user input and feedback from a group of fashion experts, Amazon says the artificially intelligent feature will continue to improve over time.Outside the style advice, the Echo Look aims to make the photos look less like they were taken from a compact camera by applying background blur. Amazon says the system uses a depth-sensing camera to blur out the background, and in the sample images on the webpage, the background does appear to blur but doesn’t always get the edges right, leaving the leg of a chair right next to a shoe sharp but blurring out the rest, for example.The Echo Look appears to have Echo hardware built in, so users can also ask the camera the same thing they ask the previous personal assistant, like getting the day’s weather or news.The hands-free camera uses an oblong design and a standard tripod socket, with options for setting the camera on a flat surface or mounting it to a wall. Four builtving to Real Madrid.Playing for Real and coach Zinedine Zidane has met the Belgian’s hopes.He told El Mundo: “Yes, it was dream. When I started, very small in the garden, it was always the club that I supported. “There was Zidane on the ground. My id-in LEDs also aid in getting the shots from dimly lit rooms.Amazon’s style assistant, for now, is only available by invitation only. Interested users can , with the camera selling for $199. Article originally published in April. Updated on 05-23-2017 by Lulu Chang: Added news of the Echo Look companion app debut.

Twitter claims users trust social media influencers as much as their own friends

Who needs friends when you’ve got social media influencers? At least that’s the conclusion Twitter has reached following a study into the clout wielded by the web’s most popular stars when it comes to driving users’ purchasing habits.The research conducted jointly with analytics firm Annalect found that 40 percent of respondents confirmed that they’d bought an item online having seen it being used by a social media influencer on the likes of Instagram, Vine, Twitter, or YouTube.That momentous sellen so far this season ahead of their trip to Everton today, despite questions over their small squad being able to handle the packed schedule.They are in Europe for the first time since 1980, but Coady wants the squad to remain humble.He said: “Rememing power is driving a diverse range of brands to work with native stars on the platforms in question in an effort to reach more mobile consumers. Twitter VP of market research Jeffrey Graham has a term for the smartphone celebs: “handheld names,” a spin on the household names brands once used to sell their wares on television and radio.The study also founcontent_imgd that 20 percent of respondents shared what influencers were promoting online, and one third of millennials claimed they followed a creator on Twitter or Vine. Most importantly for advertisers, 49 percent of the 300 people surveyed as part of the study stated that they rely on product recommendations from popular social media users.“People are looking at their phones, they’re reading what influencers say and then they’re telling their friends,” Graham told .As more brands scramble to sponsor influencers with ever-inflating advertising deals, the lure of becoming an online creator has also increased exponentially. The Twitter-owned talent agency  revealed that the pool of influencers available to brands has grown from 6,000 to over 25,000 in a year.“I think what this is telling us is that you dth the squad.Watford host Manchester United today sitting rock bottom.Kabasele told the Watfords-relegation-scrap-Vincent-Kompany.html” target=”_blank”>Daily Mail, “We see him everywhere. Sometimes we are joking about it in the squad. “In the physio on’t have to be a mass media star or a household name to be influential and actually drive people to buy stuff,” Graham said of the findings.

Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things

che club.Indeed, he claims he could be at the club for “another five years”.The Argentine’s future at the club is in doubt after a poor start to the season plunged to new depths on Tuesday night when Spurs were embarrassed 7-2 by Bayern Munich. Pochetlass=”b-content b-single__content h-article-content “id=”dt-post-content”itemid=”post-content”itemprop=”articleBody”>Google I/O is around the corner and  is reporting that Google is developing an OS for low-power devices connected on the Internet of Things. Codenamed “Brillo,” we may be seeing a reveal of this platform, which would be launched under the Android brand at Google I/O next weekend. The connected OS would be based on the existing Android OS and would signal Google’s entry into the connected devices marketplace in a significant way.According to the report, this OS would be primarily aimed at low-power devices that function on as little as 64 or 32MB of RAM. This certainly includes a wide range of connected gizmos including light bulbs, door locks, and pretty much any small smart home function that we can expect to see take off in the next few years.The  is often being billed as the  as companies far and wide try to claim their slice of a market they foresee will explode in the near future. One only has to look at trade shows like CES to see the attention IoT is being paid in the consumer electronics industry. GooLeganes have renewed their interest in Watford winger Marc Navarro.The 23-year-old defender joined Watford from Espanyol last summer, but his first-team playing time was limited to two Premier League appearances.Marca says the La Liga club came close to signing Navarro in content_imgJanuary.Leganes again want to sign Navarro permanently, but they would be open to a loan’s OS will very likely be their shot at integrating and connecting these devices. This is truly the key that no one has yet forged. Kickstarter is running amuck with connected devices, each one running off its own app, its own hub, or any number of individual platforms.We’re excited to see what Google has in store for  next week. The annual developer conference is a hub of exciting Google news, so keep an eye out for Google Glass 2, updates on Android, and of course a conversation about the Internet of Things.No word on just how fleshed out this OS might be at present, but no matter how barebones what we get may be, this marks an important step forward for IoT.

Meet all the new mutants in the explosive first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse

20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, and it seems pretty safe to say that the world of Marvel’s movie mutants is going to get a lot bigger in the next installment of the franchise — right before it all falls apart.Yes, things are certainly looking grim for Charles Xavier and his team of mutant heroes.The new trailer clocks in at just over 180 seconds of intense action, and not only introduces the film’s titular villain, Apocalypse (played by Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor Oscar Isaac), but also the host of new mutants that will be joining the cast in the 2016 film. Among them is Alexandra Shipp as Storm,ester United striker Marcus Rashford says he’ll always value his time with former manager Louis van Gaal.Rashford says Van Gaal’s ways still remain an influence on him.”The time with Louis was very good for me,” Rashford told BT Sport. “And Giggsy as Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler, Ben Hardy as Angel, Tye Sheridan as Cyclops, ThChelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante has inked a new long-term deal with sportswear giant Adidas, reports, /.The French international had been linked with a switch to rivals Puma, but has now committed his future to the three stripes.e Newsroom actress Olivia Munn as Psylocke, and Lana Condor as Jubilee. All of these new characters can be seen in the new trailer at various points.Described by director Bryan Singer as the conclusion of a trilogy that began with 2011’s X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Apocalypse also features a large returning cast of characters from the previous films. James McAvoy reprises his role as the mutant telepath Charles Xavier, along with Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert, and Lucas Till as Havok (the energy-manipulating mutant he played in First Class).The official synopsis for the film reads as follows:Since the dawn of civilization, he was worshiped as a god. Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe, amassed the powers of many other mutants, becoming immortal and invincible. Upon awakening after thousands of years, he is disillusioned with the world as he finds it and recruits a team content_imgof powerful mutants, including a disheartened Magneto (Michael Fassbender), to cleanse mankind and create a new world order, over which he will reign. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) with the help of Professor X (James McAvoy) must lead a team of young X-Men to stop their greatest nemesis and save mankind from complete destruction.X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to hit theaters May 27, 2016.

Dainese develops D-air intelligent airbag system to keep motorcyclists safer

What allows the adaptation for multiple sports is Dainese’s triggering algorithm. Around 800 times per second, the algorithm takes a massive amount of data conveyed by the sensors and makes determinations on whether or not it should deploy. Having this sort of computing power allows Dainese to adjust its trigger points based on the needs of the sport.In addition to safety, users aBrighton have announced their preseason plans.New boss Graham Potter will take charge of his first game in Austria on July 13 during the club’s training camp, with the opponents likely to be from Germany.Albion visit Crawley on Friday July 19 for the first friendly on home soil.The Seagulls will then split their squad, with another friendly the following day against relegated Fulham.lso have access to the well of amassed data. Dainese’s Peter Bacon spoke to the future of the D-air system and the eventual integration of more user-friendly ways of analyzing rider data. This could mean an iPhone app down the road, but such development is still a few years in the making. The current data platform that’s available is called 2D and (allegee club are aiming to “create big stars for the future”.The Austrian has been a revelation at St. Mary’s since replacing Mark Hughes halfway through last season.Speaking to The Sun, Hasenhuttl revealed Saints’ plan to develop their young players rathedly) takes a degree in mechanical engineering to decipher — or so we were told.While the algorithm may consist of code that’s easily altered, the impacts felt by athletes are not. improves their devotion to rider safety by altering its airbag layout based on the impacts most common for each sport. Collarbone collisions are commonplace in motorcycle racing while on the street, more chest protection is warranted. In skiing,content_img .All of Dainese’s D-air systems utilize its patented 3D airbag. What makes the 3D airbag special is its microfilament found throughout the interior of the bag, ensuring uniform inflation of 5 centimeters throughout. This uniform inflation is what allows the D-air to provide an 85 percent reduction in transferred force (3 kilonewtons) over traditional protection (23 to 24 kilonewtons).While safety stats may never be the sexiest thing to talk about, will always be a story that impresses. The D-air for street motorcycling is coming soon, with the Mugello R full suit coming later this year. However, the D-air Ski’s timeline for consumer use is still under development.

This video lets you bask in the amazing sound effects of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Impressive sound effects have always been a hallmark of the Star Wars franchise, ever since the original Star Wars took home an Academy Award for its brilliant use of sound in establishing the film’s outer-space adventure theme. Over the course of seven films, the franchise has won three Oscars for its sound editing and been nominated an additional three times — with the most recent nomination honoring last year’s Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.A ncontent_imgew, fan-created video showcases the sound effects that earned The Force Awakens its Academy Award nomination, and the supercut of isolated audio is truly a treat for the ears.Titled Hearing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the video is the creation of Vimeo user and film student Zackery Ramos-Taylor.Ramos-Taylor previously created a supercut of sost Ham goalkeeper Shaka Hislop believes Adrian isn’t good enough to play for Liverpool.The Spanish shot-stopper cost Liverpool a crucial goal in the recent defeat to Atletico Madrid, which saw them knocked out of the Champions League.Speaking on ESPNund from the film that won last year’s Academy Award in the category, , and explained his reasons for taking on The Force Awakens in the description of the video.As the second supercut in my “Best Sound Editing Oscar Nominees 2016” series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is no stranger to the use of sound. This film allows the viewer to experience sounds that have been used before, whether it’s Luke’sester United boss Ole Gunner Solskjaer insists Luke Shaw has his full support.But he warned Shaw that in-form Brandon Williams, 19, will challenge him in a bid to make sure he does not get complacent.Solskjaer said: “Potentially we have the best left lightsaber, Han’s blaster, or Chewbacca’s growl. There are also new sounds that add to this auditory sci-fi world such as BB-8, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, and various aliens. Together, they allow us to become engaged with what we hear by creating a sense of realism and fantasy at once. The Force Awakens not only reminds us of the classic sounds but introduces us to a world full of new ones.The supercut of The Force Awakens sound effects is fascinating not just because it reminds us how iconic the audio element of the franchise is, but by grouping the effects together by similarity instead of presenting them chronologically, it showcases the different “families” of sounds that make up the movie. The subtle differences between Chewbacca’s various roars or BB-8’s beeps, for example, all come through in the cut.Ramo-Taylor has indicated that he’s planning to create a supercut for all of last year’s nominees in the Sound Editing category, so we can expect to see similar videos for Bridge of Spies, The Martian, and The Revenant at some point.

Forget Face ID, VoiceGesture reads your lips with sonar to unlock your phone

Voice-recognition technology , but if you’re using it for security applications such as spoken passwords, it is not infallible. A team of researchers at Florida State University in Tallahassee may have a solution for spoofing attacks on voice biometrics, however — and it involves sonar.Called VoiceGesture, the system developed iker Sado Mane admits pushing Christoph Zimmermann ahead of his winner at Norwich City.As Jordan Henderson’s ball into the box sailed in, Mane appeared to give the Norwich defender a shove to gain an advantage.The 27-year-old then controlled and smasby the team reappropriates your smartphone as a Doppler radar, transmitting a high-frequency sound from the device’s speaker and then listening to the reflections on the microphone when a person says their passcode. Compared to some of the weaknesses involved in regular voice biometric systems, such as the risk of someone impersonating your voice or using a recorded sample, it’s far more effective.“Our system evaluation involves 21 users with thousands of passphrases and three types of smartphones: Samsung Note 5, Note 3, and Galaxy S5,” , which ormer club AS Monaco on a season-long loan, Bakayoko has confirmed PSG have made attempts to sign him in the past.”A big club where I refused to sign? Paris,” he revealed to Canal+.The France international is set to cut ties with Chelsea after a diffutilizes an accelerometer-based wearable accessory — currently a necklace, earbuds, or glasses attachment — to measure the unique skin vibrations in a person’s face, throat, or chest when they talk.But what makes VoiceGesture stand out is the fact that it requires no additional hardware in order to work. Yang says that it can be integrated with existing smartphone operating systems and mobile apps for more secure device login, without having to change the physical devicescontent_img themselves. He told us that the team has already approached Google, who are reviewing the proposed technique. “We also plan to reach out to other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei,” Yang said. Should it prove as secure as the team claims, let us hope this turns up on a next-generation smartphone in the near future.A paper describing the work, titled “Hearing Your Voice is Not Enough: An Articulatory Gesture Based Liveness Detection for Voice Authentication,” is .

The little but fierce Nikon Z 50 is a sub-$1,000 mirrorless destined for travel

The Nikon Z mount is going to crop — on Thursday, October 10, Nikon unveiled its first APS-C mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 50. A compact mirrorless with in-camera editing to leave the laptop behind, Nikon calls the Z 50 a “little but fierce” travel camera. The crop sensor camera brings some new perks over and , like a compact size and lower price point, but lacks others, including image stabilization.The Nikon Z 50 houses a 20.9-megapixel APS-C sensor, a new sensor that’s for racial abuse during victory at Manchester City.City have since released a statement regarding the incident.Solskjaer said, “I’ve seen it on the video, it was Jesse and Fred and the fella must be ashamed of himself. It’s unacceptable and I hope h inspired by the D500 DSLR. Like Nikon’s crop sensor and full-frame cameras can both use F-mount lenses, the Nikon Z 50 can use existi6-0 win over Gibraltar.Despite playing away from home, the Danes were never in doubt of winning this game.They started early with a goal from Robert Skov in the sixth minute.Eriksen managed two goals throughout the contest, while Thomas Delaney and Cng Z-mount lenses. Because of the crop factor, Nikon says those full-frame Z lenses produce even sharper results, but a pair of crop sensor mirrorless lenses are also launching with the Z 50 — the Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR and the Nikkor Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR.The Z 50 sensor uses a hybrid phase-detection autofocus with 209 points covering about 87% of the frame horizontally and 85% vertically. The camera also houses that arrived on the Z 6 and Z 7 after the initial launch through a firmware update. That makes it Nikon’s first crop sensor camera with eye detection autofocus.An Expeed 6 processor gives the Z 50 a top burst speed of 11 fps and a maximum ISO of 51,200, along with 4K video at up to 30 fps. The Z 50 tackles more video features than Nikon’s crop sensor DSLRs, with in-camera editing tools that also extend to video. The camera’s list of video features also includes 120 fps slow motion, time-lapses, an interval timer, and a stereo mic jack.The camera’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth extends beyond the usual JPEG transfers, with the ability to send RAW files as well as video clips using Nikon Snapbridge. That mix of in-camera editing and wireless transfers, Nikon says, allows more users to leave the laptop behind when traveling.The in-camera editing tools mix with the camera’s compact size for a design that Nikon says is ideal for travel. Smaller than the Z 6, the Z 50 weighs 14 ounces with a 2.4-inch thick body. Size is one of the reasons Nikon opted to leave out the in-body stabilization system found on the Z 6 and Z 7. Nikon says that the camera doesn’t ditch good ergonomics, however, with a good size grip and similar control scheme to the Z 6.The magnesium alloy body also includes some weather sealing. While the Z 50 doesn’t use the secondary LCD screen at the top that the Z 6 and Z 7 has, the 3.2-inch LCD screen flips down 180 degrees for selfies and vlogging. The touchscreen controls, including pinch-to-zoom, help adjust settings, review images and use the in-camera editing tools.While the Z 50 is missing the stabilization in the body itself, the new DX Z lenses are not. The Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR is the kit lens paired with the Z 50 body, while the new Nikkor DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR is a compact zoom that’s part of the two lens kit. The shorter lens has 4.5 stops of stabilization, with the telephoto offering five stopes.Nikon says both lenses are designed to balance sharpness with a compact design. Because the Z 50 uses that Z mount, Nikon says the lenses offer enhanced sharpness because of the new wider mount. Both lenses, Nikon says, are designed to reduce focus breathing for video. The control ring on the lenses can also be custom set to aperture or exposure compensation.The Z 50 can also use the previously launched Z lenses with a crop factor because of that smaller sensor. The mount adapter also works with the Z 50 to add F-mount lenses to the camera, including both full-frame FX and crop sensor DX lenses.While the full-frame mirrorless is a photography buzzword with several big players launching new options within the last year, the Z 50 bucks the trend. If Nikon aims to dominate in mirrorless the way the brand does with DSLRs, the company likely needs both the advanced full frames and the more budget, travel and beginner-friendly crop sensors.So does the Z 50 meet the budget-friendly criteria? The Nikon Z50 is set to retail for $860 body only, $1,000 with a content_imgkit lens, or $1,350 for the two-lens kit. That’s under the current price of the 20.9-megapixel D7500.